Life Insurance

Life insurance policies are unique and depend on your personal and financial needs. Getting married, having a baby, purchasing your first home, starting a business, or retiring all warrant a review of your life insurance policy.

What Is the Right Life Insurance for You

We encourage our customers to regularly review their life insurance. A college student would not need as much coverage as a middle-aged primary-wage owner with a family. A couple facing retirement may want to switch from term life insurance to whole life insurance. As life changes, so should your insurance. We recommend all life insurance customers get a policy review when they experience

  • A change in marital status
  • The addition of a new family member
  • Taking responsibility for an aging family member
  • Losing a job
  • Getting a new job
  • Starting or significantly growing your own business
  • Becoming disabled
  • Having a child leave for college
  • Retirement

Policy Types

Term Life Insurance

Term life policies are set for a particular time period or “term.” The policy will pay out only if the insured individual dies within the set term.

Whole Life Insurance

While more expensive than term life insurance, whole life coverage will payout at the time of death as long as the conditions of the policy are met.

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